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Last Updated 1/16/07 

Photography FAQ

Q: What Kind of camera do you use?
Most of the photos taken using film were made using a Canon EOS A2e. Currently, I am using a digital body (The Canon EOS 1Ds MkII).

Q: Can you recommend a camera for me to buy?
This is a tough question to answer without knowing more about what you are after, what your budget is, etc... If I wanted an entry level digital SLR, I would go with stick with the Canon or Nikon line. More importantly for their system than the cameras themselves.

Q: Do you Photoshop your images?
With most photos, not much is done but standard edits such as adjusting contrast, brightness levels, removing dust, etc... With some recent photos I've started experimenting with HDR.

Q: What lenses should I buy for my camera?
This depends a lot on your style of shooting. For myself, I like the wide angle effect so ~70% of my photos are taken with the a 16-35mm zoom lens. Other photographers may find they use a telephoto zoom more. The best advice I can give here would be to spend some time shooting to get an idea of what your style is before spending a lot on lenses.


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