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Last Updated 1/16/07 


FAQ for Image Purchases

Q: I want to license an image, what is meant by "editorial use" and "commercial use"?
Editorial use is where the image is used for newsworthy purposes. Examples may include news articles, journals, or travel guides. This differs from commercial use where the photo is used to sell a product such as in sales brochures, advertisements, product labels, etc.. Licensing of images through the shopping cart for commercial use is not permitted because it may require a model release and not all images on the site have model releases available. If you need the image for commercial use, please send an email to sales@tommyimages.com to check to see if the image is available for commercial use and to receive a price quote.

Q: I want to buy a print, what is meant by "private use" and "commercial use"?
If you want to purchase the print to hang in your home or office, then this is private use. If you are a business such as a restaurant or hotel and would like a print for display in your business, please send an email to sales@tommyimages.com to receive a price quote.

Q: How will the image be delivered to me?
For purchasers of image licenses, you will receive an email with details on how to download your images after your order is processed. Although this usually only takes a few hours, it is possible that the process may take up to 5 days depending on my travel schedule and if I have an assistant available. Fine art prints are custom printed so please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. Prints are made on glossy paper. If your purchase is urgent, feel free to send an email to sales@tommyimages.com to check turnaround time.

Q: I have a custom request, can you accommodate me?
If you would like your digital file on CD instead of a download, your fine art prints on matte/canvas paper instead of glossy paper, or have any other custom request, feel free to submit your request to sales@tommyimages.com and I will try my best to accommodate it.

Q: When I add an image license to the shopping cart, it states on the invoice that the image is "for editorial use in the context which the image was taken," what does this mean?
This is a statement just to make sure the purchaser does not misrepresenting the image in a harmful way. For example, if someone purchased one of my portraits from Cuba and used it for a story about AIDS in Latin America, this would be considered editorial use but they are not using the image in the context in which it was taken. This could expose me to a lawsuit and is unfair to the person I photographed. The clause is just a way to try and prevent this from happening.



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Copyright Notice

If you would like to hotlink to a photo for use on internet message boards or personal blogs, please feel free to as long as it's not used to denigrate any person, culture, or religion. A link back to this site would also be greatly appreciated.

For all other use, licensing is required. All photos are the copyrighted works of Tommy Huynh and have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. As a result, copyright infringements can and will be prosecuted to seek statutory damages (of up to $150,000 USD per infringement) plus legal fees. In addition, such infringements may be ruled criminal offenses under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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